Top 25 Interior Design & Furniture Blogs

我们在网上寻找最好的室内设计和家具博客。我们想要确保这些博客是值得分享的,所以我们做了研究!来自大型多作者博客,如Inmod巴拉圭vs乌拉圭直播Blog to more personal fare likeGaile Guevara, the below 25 blogs (plus 5 honorable mentions) are the cream of the design crop. If you are thinking about redoing the interior of your home (after being inspired from these blogs).

1.Inmod Design Blog

Inmod’s blog definitely is at the forefront for modern design. Being in business for over 13 years has given Inmod the opportunity to showcase the best in modern design and they offer the best mid century reproductions we have seen.

2.Moco Loco

mocoloco对于一个经常更新的在线杂志致力于一切现代,给Moco Loco访问。它不仅涵盖现代家具,还包括建筑、室内设巴拉圭vs乌拉圭直播计、配件、其他现代生活资源等等。作者和编辑努力将最新的新闻、评论和创新产品和服务的建议带给他们渴望和有创意的读者。

3.Apartment Therapy

apartment-therapyWith the tagline “Saving the world, one room at a time,” Apartment Therapy makes it very clear that it has big dreams for its readers. Whether you are from Washington DC, New York, LA or anywhere in between, this website has the trends in your area covered. Its posts are beautifully highlighted by artistic photos of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and they point the readers in the direction of new and innovative home design for healthier, happier living. A key aspect to this website is the community that it nurtures — members can post comments, ask design questions, and discuss styles with fashion gurus and newbies alike. The philosophy of Apartment Therapy and its contributors is that luxurious living doesn’t have to come at the expense of simplicity, and this is seen throughout the entire website.


inhabitat1InHabitat is a design website with a mission — to bring together design solutions that are cutting-edge, high-tech, innovative and green. Sustainable living in the modern world is no easy task, and many of the solutions are buried beneath bargains, advertisements and other distractions. This website was created by founder Jill Fehrenbacher in order to sift through the architectural and interior design clutter to bring to the surface some of the most environmentally-friendly and forward-looking trends. Visitors will find all sorts of product reviews, fashion recommendations, and design tips that follow the philosophy that “good design is green design, green design is good design.”

5.Ikea Hacker


Just as its name implies, this website takes traditional Ikea furniture and redesigns it. Each post features an Ikea item with pictures of the before and after modifications — whether it is a Poang Chair spruced up with some stenciled orange flowers, a dog bed made from two Expedit Desks or art made from several Ikea tables and accessories. Possibly the best aspect of this website is the community interaction. The author will post pictures and descriptions of user-submitted Ikea Hacks, in order to highlight her readers’ creativity and showcase their skills. If you are looking for a way to breathe new life into some of your old furniture, the inspiration you need is somewhere in the posts you’ll find here.

6.Yanko Design


Moving design beyond the present and casting an anticipatory glance to the future is what Yanko Design is all about. Since its founding in 2002, the product reviews and pieces that are highlighted have often found their way into mainstream interior design. It is one of the top 100 most-read blogs according to Technorati, and because of its massive readership, its design suggestions are propelled into the public’s consciousness. It focuses on modern industrial design, and some of its featured products aren’t even on the market yet! This is a superior resource for modern designers with a keen eye for the up-and-coming, the cutting-edge and the future of design.



This is a style blog all about creativity. Its founder, Holly Becker, is a traveling interior design consultant who tests the artistic waters in both the United States and Germany frequently. She will often post independent artists, designers and other creative types who have yet to be discovered. Holly discusses everything from interior design to trade shows and hosts contests and conversations to engage her large readership. The ultimate goal of Decor8 is to “inspire readers to live a more fulfilling, creative life,” and you’re sure to catch the creativity bug too when you visit.



With the aim to provide its readers with news from the design community before anyone else, Dezeen is the place to go for breaking architectural and interior design news. You know what you’re reading on Dezeen is fresh, enthusiastic and inspired, because the team is dedicated to researching and reporting on new products and projects every day. The founder and editor Marcus Fairs is a well-established design journalist who has worked for many magazines and other publications, and has appeared on radio shows and television. His vision guides Dezeen, and its rapid growth in monthly users proves that more and more of the online community is beginning to crave the up-to-the-minute breaking news that only Dezeen can provide.

9.Design Spotter

designspotter潮流,时装,设计运动。这些都必须从某个地方开始,Design Spotter相信他们要从年轻人才开始。这就是为什么作者使用这个博客来突出年轻和未被发现的设计艺术家。他们致力于为热门的新设计师建立一个交流基地,并展示他们的产品和想法。任何现代的,当代的,新鲜的和新的东西都欢迎在Design Spotter。个人可以提交他们的设计想法,并在首页获得一个位置,在他们的日历上添加一个事件,或者他们可以浏览档案寻找新项目的灵感。

10.Web Urbanist

weburbanistThis site compiles hidden urban gems from across the internet and in neighborhoods around the world. Its goal is to exhaust any and all creative urban art, innovative architecture, alternative design and subversive style. If you’re looking for off-beat, wacky, unique and underground design concepts, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest at Web Urbanist. The team behind Web Urbanist is as diverse as their subject matter, and is composed of web designers, architects, bloggers and other creative types. Each article is packed with pictures, links, descriptions and as much information as possible so that you can learn about the topic and incorporate its design into your style canvass.

11.Swiss Miss

swissmiss1Sometimes you’ll hit a creative roadblock in your quest for style. If that’s the case, Swiss Miss might have what you’re looking for to get those wheels back in motion. Imagine being immersed in the mind of a designer, seeing everything through the eyes of someone always on the lookout for interesting shapes, colors and style — that’s the experience that Swiss Miss offers. According to founder Tina Roth Eisenberg, this site is a “visual archive of things that ‘make me look’.” Everything from intriguing postcards to visually delicious sculptures are featured. Your creative journey will be revved up after a peek into the mind of this well-traveled, articulate and curious designer.

12.Desire to Inspire

desiretoinspireWe’ve all heard the phrase “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and the authors of Desire to Inspire really take this to heart. Each post is resplendent with its dazzling barrage of visuals. The authors do take the time to describe and comment on the designs that they showcase, but the images they present are simply stunning and often outshine everything else. With the goal of “trying to inspire the world one room at a time,” Desire to Inspire certainly does so through its use of images and frequent posts. If you’re in the mood to just sit back and let great architecture and interior design wash over you, this website will do the trick.

13.Better Living through Design


你准备好大规模重新装修了吗?或者你只是想在你的客厅里再加一张小桌子?当你知道你想在家具和设计收藏品中添加一些东西时,通过设计让生活更美好是一个可以查看的资源。这个网站的特点是创意和独特的家具,可以立即在网上购买。这意味着,如果你爱上了一件作品,只需点击鼠标,它就可以成为你的。BLTD是所有关于搜索互联网,为您带来最好的产品,每天,并向您展示您可以订购他们。The two authors have immense experience in the design world, so you know the products you see are vetted by experts.



Freshome的目标很简单——激励读者美化家园。让这个网站如此独特的是它完美平衡的帖子,涵盖小工具,家具件,提示和更多的信息文字和华丽的图片。你没有任何压力去购买任何展示的产品,因为Freshome只是在那里为你提供灵感。作者有时甚至会发布一些关于如何在不需要大量预算的情况下完成设计的技巧。From wall decals to curved countertops, Freshome will invite new elements into your home decor that will make your living space a warm, modern style-zone.

15.Design Milk


艺术和美丽是“设计牛奶”博客文章的主要标准。如果某样东西是鼓舞人心的、有创意的、独特的,作者就会把它写出来。有时是在建筑物旁边的街头艺术形式,有时是一张皱巴巴的纸椅子——但它总是很漂亮。Design Milk不是一个购买网站,他们不会从他们引导读者购买的任何产品中获得佣金。一切都是出于对设计的热爱。高质量的照片足以吸引你,作者在文本中给你的提示和解释也足以让你留下。



Catering to the high-end, luxury market, Trendir does a splendid job rounding up all the latest sophisticated and stylish home decor. This site covers home exteriors and interiors, gadgets and appliances, dining and home entertainment, home automation, outdoors, ultra modern items and a special section on green design. The author and editor of this site is Lillian Pikus, a long-time interior decorator who handles projects with big budgets — in the $20,000 to $250,000 range. She is versatile, doing everything from traditional to modern to commercial decorating, and this range will show up in her posts. If you are looking to dive into the luxury home interior and exterior market, let Lillian and Trendir be your guides.

17.the style files


每天发布的文章,醒目的大图片和对时尚的无所畏惧,风格文件是一个能让时尚专家和新手都满意的网站。作者丹妮尔·德·兰格(Danielle de Lange)在全球范围内寻找风格,以发掘“设计和(生活)风格”的精髓。丹妮尔不怕告诉读者她自己的家庭装修经历(她的厨房和客厅都处于全面重新装修的早期阶段),她的网上业务出售家庭装饰和家具,或她作为设计顾问的冒险。她自诩的设计风格是“线条简洁、基本、现代”,她相信每个空间都可以简单、温暖、独特。



关于Remodelista你会注意到的第一件事是它没有多余的东西——一个干净利落的网页设计,加上易于阅读的帖子和有策略地放置图片,让这个网站成为一个值得深入研究的地方。读了几篇文章之后,你会发现这是一个专为室内设计爱好者而设的网站。这个网站的作者和读者都是“拥有相同设计DNA的室内设计爱好者:一种基因编码的审美。”它最初是一群喜欢讨论家居时尚的朋友,后来发展成一个博客,展示完整的设计理念、家居饰品、购物秘诀,还有一个名为“10件简单的衣服”(10 easy pieces)的独特版块,提供装修建议。Remodelista是一个有趣和友好的室内设计网站,它对风格的认真态度意味着你只得到最好的。

19.Sub-Studio Design Blog










grass - rootsmodern最大的优点之一就是它专注于为读者提供经济实惠的家居设计技巧和产品。你在这里看到的大多数商品都在中产阶级家庭的价格范围内,而不是以漂亮但价格过高的商品为特色。两位作者克里德·费奇(Creede Fitch)和卡普里·金博尔(Capree Kimball)都是自己动手的人,他们对自己的极简和现代设计方法感到自豪,因为他们的设计价格合理。克里德甚至带读者回顾了他的房子的改造过程,这样你就可以了解一位设计师追求现代、负担得起的设计的考验、磨难和成功。

23.Six Different Ways

有趣的博客。通常有6个主题。Definitely one to follow.



This website is for the parent who doesn’t want to give up their love of design just because they have children. Coochicoos features modern and hip baby products, children’s furniture, and anything to make your life a little easier and a little more stylish. It features design news, baby shower gift ideas, furniture, nursery designs and more. It even includes a special section just for moms and dads. The posts are beautiful, and always have two things in mind: you and your child. There are many resources on this website as well, including places to shop (both on and offline), special sites for the modern parent and other design blogs that parents would go ga-ga over.

25.Home Design Find


The layout of this blog tells you immediately that it’s all about style. It looks like an artist’s notebook, with Polaroids of homes and design paper-clipped to the corner and tags sticking out of the places that are noteworthy. Within this “notebook” exists the sightings, suggestions and musings of the authors on all sorts of contemporary style. Including architecture, furniture, interior design and more, Home Design Finds contains a wealth of information for the curious designer. The ideas come from all around the globe, and the authors are more than willing to receive email tips about new trends from

honorable mentions

26.Haute Nature


Home decor and design doesn’t have to have a negative impact on our environment, and Haute Nature is here to tell you how you can blend high style with sustainability. All of their products and design tips are focused on the green movement. Whether it is a recycled table made from scraps out of the garage or a bench made from an old oak tree struck by lightning, the end result is beautiful, original style that is eco-friendly. Haute Nature is for anyone who craves unique design but wants to leave only a small carbon footprint (or preferably none at all!) when adding products into their home.

27.Gaile Guevara


This is a little blog that is straight from the author’s heart – it showcases designs that Gaile Guevara hopes will inspire anyone looking for a push in the (modern) interior decorating direction. She chooses to feature items that embody what she feels is the modern spirit: “precision of minimal detail, quality and honesty of materials, timeless and sophisticated interiors.” Her blog, an extension of her relationship with clients, colleagues, friends and family, was created in order to share the pieces and designs that she sees and enjoys. This site features designs inspired by New York and Vancouver living.

28.Design Boston


A local-oriented blog that offers design ideas for anyone, anywhere, Design Boston is a great resource for anyone interested in the world of interior design. Its features include local Boston-area events (even if you don’t live in Boston, you can get a taste for what goes on in the design scene in your area), green products and ideas, shopping tips, furniture reviews and many others. Its creator Gradon Tripp simply wants to help anyone interested find their inner designer and grasp what interior design is all about, and he does this with style and enthusiasm.

29.Breathe Modern

breathemodern这个网站有一些产品,古怪古怪的设计,更新的复古点击和现代建筑,这一切都有。它经常更新,它的帖子布局很好,重点放在图片上,文字很少。构成大部分帖子的产品和架构都很有创意,通常是你在其他地方看不到的罕见发现。你肯定会看到一些会激励你的东西——要么购买,要么重新装饰你的家的一部分。Breathe Modern succeeds in bringing modern products to your screen, and shouldn’t be passed up.