Get the look! Color Form Connection: Bold lines, Basic Shapes and Primary Colors

Want to make a groovy mod inspired living room in your home? Color form connection is our pure take using bold lines, basic geometric shapes and solid primary colors for a combination of Bauhaus, De Stijl, and contemporary all-in-one unified look! Below are the top 5 color form connection living room assets needed to get you started.

Bolla Clock– TheBolla Moderna Clockis made in the USA from 100% recycled wood with Greenguard Certified laminate. Its hook mounted and requires (1) AA battery. We recommend red or orange. However, you decide on its other neutral and vibrant colors.

The Bolla Moderna Clock in red by Scale 1:1

MOD Lounger– TheMOD Loungeris stackable, indoor / outdoor, eco-friendly and made from rotational molded polyethylene and #4 recyclable plastic. Its curvy seamless silhouette with organic lines and solid shape brings fluidity into the mix. We recommend black or white, but you can venture into the bolder colors such as blue, green, and red.

The MOD Lounger in black by Offi

Vivid Area Rug– The Vivid Area Rug is a circular rug, hand-woven, 100% polyester shag rug with no shedding. It only comes in a soft white color.

The Vivid Area Rug by Surya

Ezra Boucle Sofa– TheEzra Boucle Sofa是由超长毛绒boucle面料在一个膨胀的椭圆形与实心橡胶木腿。它们的腿几乎看不见,但它们也是弯曲和圆形的。它只有柔和的白色。

The Ezra Sofa

Ventura Modern Round Mirror– TheVentura Modern Round Mirroris clean, minimalist, and circular with two distinct lines on its top and bottom creating inner geometric form. It is made from steel and glass. We recommend its brass finish.

The Ventura Modern Round Mirror in brass by Nova of California

Bolla Coffee Table– TheBolla Coffee Tableis made in the USA. It is modular and comes with adjustable shelves in base tubes. It is made from plastic, metal and tempered glass. It has a unique circular and oval shape combination with no straight lines. We recommend tangerine, red or black.

The Bolla Coffee Table in Red by Scale 1:1

Lucille Floor Lamp –The Lucille Floor Lamp is a reproduction of an iconic mid-century modern design. It is made from metal with a unique gooseneck and oval rounded shade. We recommend polished antiqued brass, matte black, or matte black with polished antiqued brass.

The Lucille Floor Lamp by Nuevo

Color, form, and connection. All you need to create a solid de stijl and bauhaus inspired design. Take these to your living room style for a quick mod-inspired pad revamp!